I can't say that this news is a tremendous surprise.

The surprise would be if Judge Greer actually considered NOT automatically ruling against Terri's family.

Judge Greer's rulings against the Schindlers on the matter of feeding by mouth and viaticum seem to me most indicative of his frame of mind: By precluding attempts, as a "last ditch" measure, to feed her by mouth, the Judge shows that his object is not merely to stop what he might argue (erroneously) is an "extraordinary" means of support, but to see to it that she dies. One might make an analogy to someone on a respirator: frequently respirators are removed from patients, but sometimes they continue to breathe on their own without support. It is as though a judge were to order not only that a respirator be removed, but that the patient's mouth and nose be sealed with duct tape, just to make sure he can't get any air by any means.

Judge Greer's order makes him an active accomplice in directly intending Terri's death. It becomes harder and harder to see how this can be described as anything but judicially ordered homicide.

The above post is the first that's posted about the "spoon test" - the lawyer for Michael Schiavo has said that:
The test of whether one is a person with a full right to life, he said, is whether he/she can raise a spoon to his lips unaided.

I really can't believe that this is happening in Florida, of all places. Where in God's name are the seniors? Don't they realize that their continued right to existence may hinge on this case?


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