Monday, March 07, 2005


I came home, and, as usual, grabbed a snack. I've been working hard to lose weight, and I find that if I don't re-fuel, I tend to graze on the high-calorie stuff.

Then it hit me.


I'm in a culture that's absolutely the living embodiment of all of history's starving masses wildest dreams. We have good, fresh, rich, tasty, widely available food. You have to work hard NOT to stuff your face.

Except for Terri. Soon, if we don't succeed in reaching the heart of the American public (or at least the ones that have the authority to make the necessary changes), she will be deliberately kept away from food.

Without having had a chance for a "swallow test" - the people in charge of her physical care literally DON'T KNOW whether she is able to take food by mouth. They had to work hard to avoid finding out - it's easy, you let her try to swallow - if she really can't, it will be obvious, and you will have to intervene to assist her in clearing out the food.

Without allowing conflicting MEDICAL and NURSING opinions to be challenged. Because the judge, and her "so-called" husband, and many in the media, don't want inconvenient "facts" to disturb their peace of mind. They know they're right, you see, and if they allowed anyone to ask questions, well, they might have that little voice inside cause them some sleepless nights.

I'm still emailing, calling, and writing, because I don't want it to be said, once I die, that I didn't do everything I could.

Why this case? Because, sometimes there is an issue where the truth is so clear-cut, and the stakes so high, that you can't NOT step up to the plate.

Because, you know, everyone would have said something in Nazi Germany. Of course they would have. And, they would have stood up for human rights in the 60s South. You know they would.

But, this is here and now, and it's terribly inconvenient. It takes so much time. And, I mean, after all, the people in charge have SAID that she is virtually a vegetable.

Don't ever tell any of us what you would do for human rights if you don't do something now - go to this link on My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, and find out some of the things you can do.

They're about to unleash the dogs. Where will you be?

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