I was wakeful in the middle of the night, and I remembered that I had not posted yet for Blogs for Terri.

We're within the 2-week window of opportunity. I've been trying to think of ways to stop the inexorable march to death, and I have to confess that I'm just about out of ideas.

  • Written and called legislators
  • Taken the time to express our opinions to the media
  • Posted on our blogs
  • Talked to every human we know about the issue (side note: I had a decision at lunch, and was able to effectively make a few points. I've had some feedback, and the repeated refutations of the PVS identification are starting to have an effect)

Some have donated money, others time, many both. Right now, some are participating in a fast in sympathy with Terri.

And, yet, the deadline (how appropriately named) approaches.

What more can we do?

Round up some cute puppies, and threaten to starve and dehydrate them? When people angrily threaten action, ask why they won't protest a human suffering the same fate?

Sometimes I find myself going through the checklist:
  • Have I written my post? Check.
  • Have I contacted media? Check.
  • Have I contacted legislators? Check.

Sometimes, I forget the most crucial part of the checklist.


In the end, without our prayers, all other action is moot.


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