MacArthur, Redux

Comey's performance before Congress reminds me of Gen. MacArthur's appearance, after his justified firing by Truman.

Both men couched their actions in defiance of what their boss directed as 'answering to a higher imperative'. In MacArthur's case, he disagreed with Truman's directives to confine his response to containment. He also took his complaints to an adoring press. When Truman tired of his posing and self-serving actions, he fired him.

MacArthur then appeared before Congress and gave his 'Old Soldiers Fade Away' speech, to tremendous applause and copious approving press coverage.

Then - he did, in fact, fade away. Never held another position in government, found himself ignored by those that had egged on his actions.

Comey may find that his 'fame' is also fleeting. Oh, the Progressive/Leftist establishment may use him as a figurehead for a time. They would be well advised to keep an eye on him - those who use deception and treachery as a tactic will not change.



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