Borrowing Tactics From Dictators

I was reading about Trujillo of the Dominican Republic here, and found a reference to a phenomenon that I've been seeing lately, but had not known its name:
Many times, I have written about “actos de repudio” in Cuba — “acts of repudiation.” What happens is this: A government-inspired mob appears in front of the house of a disfavored person. They hurl things at it, scrawl things on it, and scream threats. They also use their fists, when they can.

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 It's interesting just how much the so-called Revolutionaries borrow from extremely violent and repressive regimes, and, yet, have the gall to scream about the 'scandalous and dictatorial' American system.


For all their 'broadening' travel, Progressives never seem to learn the basic facts on the ground. They take 'learning trips' to what amount to prison camps - such is a fair description of modern-day Cuba - and return from their travels, starry-eyed and evangelistic about the country.

Every time.

So, no, I'm not impressed by those sophisticated travelers who can return from the EU, excited about the possibilities of a Diverse and Wonderful Socialist Paradise. Nor those, who having returned from the latest Progressive Wonderland, tell all about the AMAZING social, political, and cultural system that the USA absolutely MUST adopt, ASAP.


They never seem to see the detractors - nor, wonder why they are NOT seeing dissent. It's because to dissent is to die, along with all your family. Or, to spend long years in a prison camp that makes death seem kinder.

I highly recommend the article at the link.



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