Small Town, Big City

I've been thinking about social/cultural/political changes for the last 1/2 century, why they occurred, and what changes will develop in the future. Fred On Everything has some good ideas on that.

First, let's start with the idea of Make America Great Again.

What does that mean?

For many Liberals/Leftists/Progressives, that means that anyone yearning for it MUST want:

  • Racism
  • Hostility to 'furiners', particularly if they have a different language or culture than the speaker
  • Hostility to gays - coupled with the desire to 'fix' them
  • Reflexive rejection of non-WASP culture/music/thought/politics/whatever
  • Willingness to use force to implement their agenda
For those who support America, and do want to see it supported by others, it means:
  • That their traditional culture be given at least the same respect that non-Western cultures are given
  • That they will retain their right to worship as they please, and that efforts to evangelize or bring their religion out of the Church and into the weekday world not be demonized.
    • If students are taught about other religions respectfully, Christianity should not be singled out for ridicule, criticism, and exclusion from the curriculum.
    • If some believers can express an opinion on a subject, Christians should be given the same opportunity (Muslims may talk about homosexuality or the proper way for women to behave in public, but Christians are demonized for expressing far milder sentiments).
    • Christians may have the same rights to abstain from participation in activities repugnant to them for religious reasons, as other religions do - for example, the Amish are specifically exempt from participating in Obamacare.
  • That America's best interests be the major focus of foreign policy.
  • That Smug Elites (trademark pending) not be permitted to bypass legislation, instead getting their agenda imposed on the rest of us via bureaucratic regulations.
    • Rein in the EPA, Education Dept, Homeland Security, ATF, FDA, ICE, and other departments that have used their assumed authority as a club against Traditional Americans.
    • Stop funding Sanctuary Cities - if their rejection of Federal law is so important to them, let them pay for it, by cutting their Block Grants and other Federal monies. If they don't want to follow the law, they shouldn't benefit from those nasty Fed dollars.
    • Rein in the last-minute clemencies/pardons/deals from a Lame Duck President. Make the actions after an election in which the officeholder has lost tentative, dependent on the new guy signing off on it. Those COWARDS who don't have the guts to make unpopular decisions shouldn't fling poo in our faces on the way out.



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