Re-Building Our Country

This process will not be just a simple matter of diving into the politics, or making/removing laws. Those things are what we hired Trump for - to reduce the size of the federal government, and to take our country back to its Constitutional roots.

No, the real challenge in re-building our country will be to change the culture. That process will be multi-generational, expensive, and time-consuming.

And, it will be viciously opposed by the Left.

About the only advantage we have is that the Left so far over-stepped the boundaries, that they caused the average person to say "WT-?" That point may have been when they:

  • Made normal male-female relations a trap to catch unwary men, and criminalized the normal interactions between men and women.
  • Criminalized failure for MEN to pay for the care of their children, and excused WOMEN from any responsibility to contribute. Men will always owe money, even when unemployed. Women on welfare don't have to pay it back when they begin to earn money.
  • Made claims of sexual abuse of children by their father the first line of attack in many divorces, as a negotiating tactic.
  • Said that men (PWPs - Persons With a Penis) could arbitrarily decide that they 'really' were women, and use that restroom, locker facilities, and other amenities without challenge. If challenged, they could (and did) sue, using the force of government's many commissions to do so without expense to them.
  • It's a SERIOUS offense to call someone by a 'wrong' pronoun. Even if the someone is clearly of a different sex, you MUST call them by their chosen appellation.
  • It is a CRIME to refused to provide services to a gay wedding. However, it is an Enlightened Action to refuse to provide services to Trump or his family, or anyone supporting them. Oh, and if there is a person who wants to make a buck playing music at the Inauguration, it's TOTES OK to send death threats to them.
  • We are told that we aren't paying enough for the education of our kids, despite schooling taking a bigger and bigger bite out of our budget each year. However, the kids know less and less every year.
  • Teaching about gayness has permeated the elementary schools, even to the Kindergarten level. Parent preferences to move those discussions to later in the school years are blithely ignored by the administration. In the middle school, at times, the presentations are so graphic they constitute child abuse. The language used would cause a teacher to lose his or her (or zher) job, if they said the EXACT SAME WORDS in the presence of those kids.
Amazingly, despite a childhood devoted to reading just about everything I could get my hands on, I had never read The Prince. I recently read yet another reference to it in the news, and decided to rectify that deficiency.



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