Why is the FIRST Response to Scream "BIGOT"?

Ya' know, there MIGHT be other reasons for not wanting mass importation of non-American peoples into our country.  Like:

  • The Resettlement "Services" have ONE function - to get the responsibility of paying for those people off THEIR hands, and onto the Federal, State, and City governments - and, by extension, the taxpayers.  They do not, after the briefest time necessary to fill out the paperwork, pay for services themselves.  From their site:
    • "The Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) helps new populations maximize their potential in the United States by linking them to critical resources that assist them in becoming integrated members of American society."  This means - get them on Free Housing, Free Food, Free Medical Care, and Free Money - I really don't mean FREE, I mean - the taxpayer picks up the bill.
  • These services encourage minors to make that dangerous trip by themselves, putting them at risk of sexual exploitation, slavery, and death.
  • Many of these "New Americans" never assimilate in any sense of the word.  Their native-born children are the generation that is likelier to commit terrorist acts than their parents.
  • Too many of these aliens bring in spouses from their home country, thereby ensuring that at least one parent of the next generation has closer ties to the old country than the new.  Too often, this keeps children from becoming a part of the multi-ethnic, multi-cultural fabric that is America.  Exogamy - that is, marrying OUT of the ethnic group, which is so common among previous immigrants - is strongly discouraged by the families.
The idea that average people aren't capable of managing their own lives, determining their own future, and making RATIONAL decision, is a key factor in the Elitist disdain for the Brexit vote (and for many other things, like SSM, that drive Progressives NUTS!



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