Unintended Effects of Late Marriage

Everyone knows the risk factors for birth defects and maternal age, don't they?

The older the mother, the higher the likelihood of Down's Syndrome and other anomalies.  This graph shows the connection.

MAgegraph_ChromI think most families would rather avoid the risk, if possible.

So, why are women being advised to delay marriage, often until their late 20's or early 30's?  This makes no sense.  An additional factor that is skewed in the direction of higher maternal age is the diminished chances of getting pregnant, whether naturally, or with assistance from medical technology.

In this regard, as in many others, the modern feminist establishment seems to act in ways that contradict their stated intention of helping women achieve their goals.



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Unintended Effects of Late Marriage « Right As Usual
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Unintended Effects of Late Marriage « Right As Usual

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