Responding to Real Simple (Who Apparently Think Their Readers Are, Too)

I read this post from Kristina Rasmussen at Big Government.  There is an article in Real Simple about Obamacare:
All good, no bad, and the only two sources quoted in the article represent non-profits who supported the legislation.
What I wrote to the editor:
I am not a subscriber of Real Simple, although I was considering doing so.  I have bought individual issues at the newstand many times in the past. 
No more.
The one-sided story about Obamacare has lit my fire.  Why didn't you just title the article:
"Since you're so dumb that you don't appreciate what your 'betters' are doing for - make that to - you, we'll explain it in little, bitty one-syllable words."  THANKS for not including opposing viewpoints - it might confuse the "little people" - y'all know that we're just not that bright, that we could possibly think Obamacare is a bloated, bureaucratic nightmare of a bill.  How dare we not respect the elites who know better!
I have read the actual bill - it took 2 weeks of my spare time.  It is NOT what your article says it is, and I am willing to donate to any legislator who is willing to pledge to get rid of that abominable bill.



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