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First, there's this post about military voters, and the strenuous effort to DIS-enfranchise them.  If you want to work together to stop this, check out the Facebook page, and offer your assistance in helping them to secure their vote - this SHOULDN'T be an issue - there has been legislation passed to eliminate barriers to military voting.

It takes a VERY determined party (I won't mention which one) to stop military voting.  Frankly, they should be ashamed of themselves - if they can't win honestly, they should accept their loss.

How do you feel about family members paying back a loan?  How does that relate to extension of unemployment benefits?
I want to get back to Mr. Chukalas, a father of two and a diligent, decent man for all I know. Again, he says, “If your brother or your sister needed something, you wouldn’t say, ‘When are you going to pay me back?’”
I don’t know about the Chukalas clan, but in my family and my wife’s family, and in most families I know, asking, “When are you going to pay me back?” isn’t so unimaginable. Sure, in a crisis, kin come to the rescue if they can. But they also usually expect to be repaid once everyone is back on their feet. Does Chukalas have any intention of paying taxpayers back once he gets a job?
Lots to do; I'll post more later.


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