It's Been a Long Haul, ...

But, after yammering about illegal immigration for several years, it seems that we are FINALLY seeing the fruits of our labors.
Rasmussen has data on what voters think about the federal government's suit against Arizona, which seeks to invalidate that state's new immigration enforcement law. By a 2 to 1 ratio (56 percent to 28 percent), those surveyed oppose that suit. Moreover, 61 percent would like to see a law such as Arizona's enacted in their state. That's up 6 points from two months ago.
I've been blogging about the subject for several years, working in concert (at times) with other organizations (Blogs for Borders, etc.).  Sometimes, I felt that I was one of a lonely few who saw the hazards of letting people walk across the border, and avail themselves of the PRIVILEGES of citizenship, with taking on the RESPONSIBILITIES.

To quote from that Chris Rock movie, "That ain't right."

What does it take to change people's minds?  Aside from the willingness to engage in discourse about the subject, it takes time.

A lot of time.

More time than most people are willing to dedicate.  It's no surprise to me; I've long read about the early days of the American Revolution.  The Adams (Samuel and John), Franklin, Jefferson, et al, spent many, many days and evenings talking about independence before they were able to reach what Malcolm Gladwell calls "The Tipping Point" - that time when the momentum is on the side of change.  At that point, it takes a strong, concentrated effort to stop the change - and it may not be possible.

I'm taking today to relax and bask in the moment.

Tomorrow, I'm going to re-double my efforts.  No use taking the situation for granted; the unexpected can always foil our plans.



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