Why Popular Vote is a BAD Idea

The push to eliminate the Electoral College reached a fever pitch after the 2000 election, when the loser (Gore) actually had allegedly more votes, nationwide, than the winner.  I say "allegedly" because there were MANY states that had serious allegation of voter fraud, much of it organized by groups like ACORN.

While there may be a case for changing the Electoral College, this isn't it.

What this would do is turn over the right to elect presidents to the more populous states.  What it would do is TAKE AWAY citizens' vote, if their state disagreed with those in more heavily populated states.

Here's how it would work:
  • You vote, as usual.
  • Your state selects a candidate by large margins - that is, those who live there make a definite decision to select Candidate A.
  • However, more people live in the states that liked Candidate B, and voted that way.
  • Your vote is ignored - your state is awarded to your state's loser - Candidate B.
  • Since your state counts for essentially nothing in the presidential campaign, 4 years later, the candidates don't even bother to visit, or to acknowledge your state's concerns.
In a worst-case scenario, as little as FIVE states could, under this plan, decide the entire election:
CA 55 
IL   21
OH 20
PA  21 
NY 31 
Total 148 votes, more than 1/2 the 270 needed for election.   
In theory, if the popular vote in those states was in favor of the same candidate, you might as well give up your vote - it won't count, EVEN THOUGH YOUR ENTIRE STATE VOTED FOR THE OTHER GUY.

This movement is sneaky (little publicity), insidious, and worming its way around the state legislatures, particularly in Democratic strongholds.  Every state has had the legislation introduced.  You need to contact your state legislators, and let them know how you feel.

Get on their mailing lists; check the state site once a week or so.  Talk it up with others, and encourage them to make contact with their state reps.  Better yet, run for office, or help those who do.

The end of democracy is only a few votes away.



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