Something to Read If You Want to Understand Today's Politics

Some of it, I already knew.  I went to what I called a Very Liberal College (today, I would call it a Progressive-Leftist College), and the works of Coward-Piven were standard fare.  However, Horowitz makes the connections between the agitation of the 60's and the current political climate, including how George Soros is profiting from it all.

I decided to download the Kindle for Mac app, and read the book via the computer.  It's free (as is the Kindle for PC and other platforms), and easy to set up.  I've decided to eliminate clutter in my life, and hard copies of books are an easy solution to the problem.   They are also generally cheaper than the paper versions.

I'm also going to download the Blackberry Kindle - if you have a phone that can use Kindle, you can read the same books on both the phone and your computer.



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