Why the Gulf is NOT Being Cleaned Up

There are many strategies being used, but the eventual result is the same.

Obama doesn't want the Gulf cleared of oil.  He WANTS the oil there, so he can capitalize on the disaster.

  • He was slow in the initial response
  • His agencies (with his approval) have hindered efforts
    • Making ships in process of working stop for unneeded inspections of safety equipment
    • Refusing to meet with BP management & issuing unconstitutional orders to confiscate their money - in advance of a court judgement
    • Refusing to accept offered assistance from other countries
    • Forbidding Gov. Jindal to keep the oil from reaching the shores of LA by nixing all his proposals
    • Using EPA regulations to slow the clean-up
  • Appearing at the sites only for photo ops - he left before any meeting with company or local government could occur.  Is he afraid he will learn that the crisis could be managed, IF he wanted it to be?
The only explanation that makes any kind of sense is that Obama doesn't want the US to have oil resources.  As long as he keeps business from benefiting from the abundant oil resources in the US, his Mideast friends will make money.  Further, he can use the "crisis" to pass Cap & Trade (Cap & Tax), and other laws/regulations to keep a stranglehold on the American economy.

In short, a prosperous and secure America is NOT on his agenda.



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