Genuine Certificate of Birth?

The Strata-Sphere provides convincing evidence that the certificate of birth shown on the web is a genuine document.

What does genuine mean? Not photoshopped. That it exists on paper, not just electronically.

However, that doesn't negate the possibility that the document is still a phony. I recently had to submit paperwork for a teaching certificate, and EVERY document had to be sent from its source, even though I had gone through the procedure before, in SC. Why do the agencies do that?

Because it's all too easy to get genuine-looking documents, even using official paper, seals, et al. You think these official papers aren't available? You think a determined faker can't bribe an underpaid state or county employee?


The only way to be sure is for a REPUTABLE news organization, like the Pajama Media, to hand-carry a request to see the original documents (signed by Obama) to the actual place where the document (or it's microfilm copy) is.

Or, find a resentful Hillary supporter, and have her release the dirt.

What, you think she doesn't have it?



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