Equal Opportunity Flashing?

The ever-popular Fausta's Blog brings up a good comparison.

She talks about a blatant pervert of a few year's ago, who exposed himself to passers-by.
Nobody, and I mean nobody, who witnessed Wino's exhibitionism felt anything other than disgust. Intense, visceral disgust.

Fast-forward twenty-some years and now we have women pervs flashing from the front pages of the tabloids, from the TV, and talked about (in a wealth of details) in talk radio.

The only difference is that now the disgust is not universal.
Why isn't this increasingly common practice being treated with the contempt it diserves? I'm very angry.

Actresses worked hard to improve the public standing of their profession. Through their efforts, they raised public perception from treating them as whores, to where decent women were able to mingle in society as equals. They did this by managing their public appearances, and keeping the raunchier parts out of the press.

In a little over a generation, these modern sluts have lowered expectations to where the actress who won't disrobe for a film is the odd one. Think of it - a job where your employer can coerce you into taking off your clothes and simulating sex with someone - for money.

What's next - mandatory full-on sex on camera?

This latest trend of "accidentally" exposing oneself for the photographers is part of that - actresses and entertainers have to flash skin, reveal intimate information, or act outrageously to get some camera time. Someone who relies on being competent at her job doesn't stand a chance.


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