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Kevin W. at The Liberal Wrong - Wing has a chance for you to spout off about the wrongs of Liberals. My major complaint is how the Liberals have basically hijacked the Education Departments of most universities. The difference between my undergraduate years in the late 1980s and today is that, however annoying Education classes were then (mandatory attendance, Mickey Mouse assignments, tediously boring content), they are far more politically slanted today. I was lucky in my graduate education; my area of focus was on Technology. In general, my professors were more interested in the technology than in political indoctrination. However, there was one elective that nearly caused my circuits to blow.

I did get even - check out No Indoctrination; the college was Cleveland State. That site and Rate My Professor allow the unfairly put-upon to even the score.

The situation in some universities is so bad that some students expressing a conservative point of view have been dropped from programs. For details, check out this site.

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