Organized, or Not?

French officials are speaking the party line - they are saying that the insurgent attacks (love using that phrase) are NOT organized at a high level, but at a lower level.
Hamon told The Associated Press that arsonists were moving beyond their heavily policed neighborhoods to less protected areas.

"They are very mobile, in cars or scooters. ... It is quite hard to combat," Hamon told AP. "Most are young, very young, we have even seen young minors."

There appeared to be no coordination between separate groups in different areas, Hamon told AP. But within gangs, youths are communicating by cell phones or e-mails. "They organize themselves, arrange meetings, some prepare the Molotov cocktails."
(sigh) Sometimes, you just want them to buy a clue. The Rational Part of Earth to France! - the gangs are the organization! Did you learn nothing from watching the US during the Sixties? Or Ireland during their struggle for freedom? Or the Soviet Union? Or YOUR OWN BLOODY REVOLUTION?

Revolutionaries always are willing to work with thugs. They do so because, briefly, they share a common enemy. The revolutionaries always plan to eventually jettison the thugs from leadership positions, and, having cleansed themselves, move on to a better society.

That seldom works. What happens is that revolutionary governments find themselves saddled with thugs in power. Thugs who, quite frankly, perceive the revolutionaries as unnecessary.

I remember hearing about a proverb of Southeast Asia - Who rides a tiger dare not dismount. Keep that in mind as events unfold.

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