Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Now, don't faint or anything, but I actually cooked something without a recipe or directions of any kind.

Since I've been here in South Carolina, I've had to do many things on my own. You get out of the habit after almost 32 years of marriage. As my husband worked as a chef, and a cook in a 4-star restaurant, I never bothered to learn much about cooking. I just enjoyed the food.

My previous experience in a kitchen was basic short-order stuff - sandwiches, stir-fry, eggs, and the like. Nothing fancy, just OK. It would keep you alive, but my seasonings were pretty much limited to salt and pepper. Never did garnishes.


It sounds as though it belongs in an Asian strip club, but it's just a spicy rice dish. Commercial sources of it include Popeye's Chicken, Bojangle's Chicken, and Zatarain's, which makes the boxed type (not bad).

This is the way I did it.
1/3 pound of Hot sausage
cooked rice (I used leftover rice)
Salt & pepper to taste

Cook off the sausage. When nearly done, dump in the rice. I added a little water, stirred, and seasoned.

That was it. Tasted great.

I'm so proud of myself.

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