It's hard to believe that the same union that wept crocodile tears over the possible of missing a single precious vote in November, 2004, is so dedicated to scheming to keep Cleveland citizens from voting.

According to their own special election issue of The Critique, the union acknowledges that:
Over 60% of Cleveland voters went to the polls and they defeated the November school levy decisively.

Decisively. That's their word.

Knowing that, you might think that they would believe that "the people have spoken", accept the verdict, and look for other ways to deal with the money crisis in the schools.

You might think that, if you didn't know the CTU that well.

Instead, they worked with BBB to get another levy vote on the August ballot, knowing that
Most of those voters will not show up on August 2. There is only one issue on the ballot, and no presidential candidates bombarding every voter with TV ads, or automated phone calls or paid workers from well-funded organizations canvassing voters. Possibly 20% of the registered will find their polling place in 80 degree August heat.


Our democracy-loving union is hoping that FEWER voters come out, because those nasty people won't cough up the cash? It's hard to believe that they were willing to put their democracy-scuttling plans in print, but they did.

Of course, they didn't expect anyone that was NOT a Cleveland teacher would find out about their plan. Worse, put it on the web.

Here it is, folks. I'm hoping that everyone that reads it will alert the Cleveland city voters to the undemocratic scheme, and raise some h-e-double-hockey-sticks.


Jeff Hess said…
Shalom Linda,

The Teacher's Union seem to have pulled what you were quoting from. Did you by any chance keep a complete copy? It would be beneficial if you could post the document in its entirety.

If it's still there and I'm just missing it, please post detailed direction on how to find it.




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