I found this post via A Face Made 4 Radio, A Voice Made 4 the Internet, another Cleveland blog you need to bookmark.

He points out the essential issue with Kelo, that:
Justice Thomas understood that the Court’s action in itself is unconstitutional, a “dangerous” act because the American people now have no other recourse to regain control of their property rights except by another amendment to the Constitution.

I urge you to read it.

It's time we stopped electing legislators who know the law, but are ignorant of our country's history. We need legislators who are informed citizens, and have a feel for what America is. We've been putting "elite leaders" in office, who protect their contributors, but somehow don't see the "common man" (and woman) as their ultimate boss. We don't need any more Progressives, who see their public service as a means of bringing the rabble into line with what they "know" they should want. We need some new Populists - people with average lives, who will always consider what the Founders intended for the common people.


Actually, I'm in Columbus. Thanks for the link!

What an outrageous decision. I believe that Justice Thomas may be one of the best in the modern era.
MaxedOutMama said…
I agree completely - there is a general disconnect with both reality on the ground and the people themselves.

One thing about the Founders is that they had a cynical eye toward government which many in the modern era appear to have lost. They planned not for a perfect government, but for a limited and correctable one.

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