Thanks to Babalu Blog, a Cuban-American whose unending efforts to teach us gringos what's really going on at the island of "heavenly peace on Earth, thanks to Fidel" (that description, according to the left-their-mind-at-home-ists that visit the starving Paradise), I found information about continuing efforts to subvert the legal government of Nicaragua.

As it happened, I am knowledgeable about Nicaragua. I spent several years in college studying history, and specialized in Latin America. I also brushed up on my Spanish, enough to read over-the-counter news. My professor provided the slant (need I say that the Sandistas were the heroes?), and I went to alternative news for balance. Most of my fellow students didn't bother - the word from on high was enough. That's not uncommon in any field of study. But, I took the time, because I was genuinely fascinated.

Check out

That student is firing a homemade mortar (my, what an interesting curriculum they seem to have in THEIR colleges - I'm jealous, I only made posters and coffee). What was the terrible human rights abuse he was willing to risk his life, and the lives of others, for?

Higher bus fares.


When they raise the rates here in Cleveland, everybody just grumbles as they drop the fare in. Oh, to have the passionately involved peasantry that Nicaragua has!

Oh, I forgot - they're not peasants. They're STUDENTS. That means we have another "revolution" imposed on the average schnook from his "betters" - and the peasants better know what's good for them. Remember the last time, when the peasants voted Daniel Ortega, the designer-sunglass-wearing revolutionary OUT. I swear, you just can't trust the undertrodden masses, can you?

Keep an eye on the situation in Central America. I have a feeling that it's about to heat up again.


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