As have many people lately, I've been ill. Sometimes, life intervenes on our plans.

It's already March 3rd, which means that there is a very narrow window of opportunity to get the word out about Terry Schiavo. If you haven't already, go down this list of possible steps, and do as many as possible:
  • Join the petition, add your name to the list. This is sent to Governor Bush, to urge him to intervene.
  • If you can make the trip to Florida, on March 12, there will be a vigil outside the hospice, to protest starving a human being to death. The more committed bodies, the better.
  • If a trip is not possible at this time, please consider donating some cash to the Terri-Schindler-Schiavo Foundation. Financial assistance, even in small amounts, can make the continued fight possible. These continuing delays are costly and draining to family and friends that didn't start with the massive financial settlement given to Michael Schiavo, who then spent it to pursue the legal fight to kill his wife.
  • Familiarize yourself with the facts. The case for allowing this woman to survive, and give her a chance at rehabiliation, has been ignored by MSM. Too many have heard a distorted version of her case, and need to understand the story behind the controversy. This is a nice summary of the main fracts of the case.
  • If you have a blog, add your vioce to the fight. Join the Blogs for Terri. You just need to sign up, and then commit to using your regular posting to help get the story out.

I know that's a long list. But take it in bite-size chunks, and take one small step each day. But, don't wait - time is DEFINITELY LIMITED.

The word DEADLINE will have a very different meaning if you don't act.


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