Yesterday was Pi Day - chosen because the date, 3/14, is the first 3 digits of pi.

Today, I'm operating on about 4 hours sleep, and planning a stop on the way to work at Einstein's Bagels for coffee. No day is so bad that quality coffee can't help.

I'm still amazed by the woman who talked down the escaped prisoner, and the influence that the book, The Purpose-Driven Life, had on them both (see the link on the right). I'm not surprised that the book had an impact, I'm amazed that she was able to keep a cool head, and focus on establishing a relationship with him.

I finished the book just last week, and I would STRONGLY recommend it to anyone as a life-changing experience. The slant in the book is heavily from a Protestant viewpoint, but, as a Catholic, I still found it to be very worthwhile.

I placed a hold at my local library on the book "Radical Son" by David Horowitz, which I'm planning to read over the Spring Break. The Cleveland Public library does make it easy to order books, both dead-tree editions and e-books, as well. I prefer the e-books, but that's just because I tend to forget to return books on time.


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