Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Hoo-Boy! The Ladies Are Having a Hissy-Fit!

The fallout from his memo is huge. The usual suspects are fulminating wildly.

But, many are defending his actions, and pointing to the logic underlying his argument.

Including this woman:
Deborah W. Soh, a Toronto based science writer who has a PhD in sexual neuroscience from the University of York —
"As a woman who’s worked in academia and within STEM, I didn’t find the memo offensive or sexist in the least. I found it to be a well thought out document, asking for greater tolerance for differences in opinion, and treating people as individuals instead of based on group membership. Within the field of neuroscience, sex differences between women and men—when it comes to brain structure and function and associated differences in personality and occupational preferences—are understood to be true, because the evidence for them (thousands of studies) is strong. This is not information that’s considered controversial or up for debate; if you tried to argue otherwise, or for purely social influences, you’d be laughed at."

More from Soh, PhD candidate in science.


Monday, August 14, 2017

The Center Cannot Hold

Title is a quote from Yeats "Second Coming". Surprisingly, I've been reading poetry lately - NOT like me, at all.

Many, on both the Extreme Left and on the Non-Conservative Right (what we Conservatives like to call RINOS), are expressing dismay at the polarization of the American public. It's not as though this is an unusual thing - we've been sharply divided before:

  • American Independence - few Americans realize just how popular our connection with England was - fully 1/3 of the population supported it. Another 1/3 were Revolutionaries. The rest sat on the fence, waiting to see which side would prevail.
  • Federalists vs. the Original Confederacy - it was a long and contentious fight to Constitutionalize.
  • Civil War, including the Reconstruction Period.
  • Populism - the original Uprising of the Deplorables.
  • Anarchy - deliberate use of assassination and bombings to promote Leftist aims. The anarchists of that time were allied with the Wobblies and other radical groups.
  • WWI - it took a lot of effort to get America involved in this; it required Federal suppression of dissent to make it happen (legislation included the Alien Espionage Act and the Sedition Act).
  • Progressivism - first major attempt to take over the country through massive Federal growth.
  • Prohibition - BTW, it DID have some effect. Drinking was greatly reduced. What it DID do is to uncover the extent to which the Elites of that time were incapable of quitting their addiction to alcohol. The presence of many alcoholics in government - including those residing in the White House - led to repeal of Prohibition.
  • WWII - many people don't remember it, but there was a strong anti-war faction before 1941.
  • Red Activities after WWII - contrary to what is commonly called McCarthyism or the "Red Scare", the Communists were, in fact, bankrolling and directing the activities of their allies in the West. Most of this was without the knowledge or compliance of Liberals.
  • The 1960s - included bombings, street action, criminal activity to support The Cause, and deliberate promotion of drug culture to the young.
Some are suggesting that a Civil War is imminent.

Christopher Cantrell calls is a Cold Civil War.

He also looks at what a HOT Civil War would look like.


Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Solving the Immigration Problem

There are those who believe that the only problem with immigration is that SOME people just hate Brown people.

There are others that believe that the issue is keeping relatively unskilled, poorly-educated, and generally non-English speaking from flooding into the states, making it difficult for American citizens to get a starter job.

For the neighborhood in which it occurs, tolerating the invasion is both disruptive and dangerous.

There are those who argue that more immigration is needed to fill jobs.

There are those who argue that there really should not be any distinction drawn between legal immigrants, and those that ignore borders and visas.

So, to be able to address ALL the concerns of the various factions, Comprehensive Immigration bills are always the solution of choice.

That's a bad decision. It would be far better to specifically address issues and problems, one at a time.

Kevin Williamson is on board with the Comprehensive Immigration crowd (CIC, for short). He's made it his mission to persuade others to join his side - and, as he is a good and persuasive writer, he has made some in-roads.

I think his approach misses the mark. A better solution would be to:

  • Enforce existing rules - for example, E-Verify for employers. This puts pressure on businesses to make an effort to verify citizenship/right to work. For smaller businesses, bonding companies could set up outsourced services that would clear employees, using fingerprints and other identification measures.
  • Visible tats should be used as a screening tool - if you've got gang-related tats, your ID should be scrutinized more strictly. Whether citizen or alien, having gang affiliations should be a warning signal. Is this profiling? Absolutely. Don't like it? Don't ink.
    Be fair - would you want to hire this man?

    Just because you don't encounter these gang members, don't assume they don't pose a thread.

    No, I don't like gang tats on White People, either.
  • Stop the flow of money from the federal government to states/cities that refuse to cooperate with the ICE. Reduce the Block Grants money to the states in proportion to that amount that goes to those cities. Do a spot-check on recipients of aid/cash/services - if government social services are going to aliens/their families, reduce funding by an amount that reflects that percentage of the cost of those services.
  • This law firm is providing information about Sanctuary Cities, and how to get around the law on immigration. The government COULD see that his clients received MORE scrutiny as a result - his actions provide cause.
  • Force the 'social services' to operate more honestly -if there is theft, either they collect it from the recipients, or reduce the dollars they receive from government by an equal amount. Force them to properly vet applicants for aid, including fingerprinting of all adults in the household.
  • Use the concept of bounty hunters/private businesses to reduce fraud/theft. Provide cash/tax credits for turning in those - American or not - who are ripping off government, whether that is by individuals or businesses. People know who is stealing - encourage them to turn in the crooks.
  • Stop releasing those people who are aliens. Put them into a FEDERAL holding facility (you could convert a few military bases for this use). Process them quickly. For repeat offenders, jail time, followed by deportation. If on the loose, bring in the bounty hunters.


Monday, August 07, 2017

Clinton-Lynch Docs - and a Question

I was reading through the docs, and noticed that Lynch's husband was present. So - does attorney-client privilege apply in that case? Because my (non-lawyer) understanding is that if a 3rd party is present, confidentiality goes out the window.
 I did see President Clinton at the Phoenix. airport as I was leaving, and he spoke to myself and my lmsband on the plane_

Financial Shenanigans

Obama's administration was involved in more that the Obamacare financial fiddles.

That's a major drawback of blindly supporting a President - his errors, deals, under-the-table actions, and cronyism will eventually leak out. Obama had a LONG run of good press. The non-MSM outlets were derided as "fake", "racist", H8rs, and conspiracy theorists.

Which, to be fair, some of them were.

But, not all. And people's reliance on the worst sources can be explained by the disconnect people felt from the MSM - whom they KNEW to be bigoted liars, and disdainful elitists, as well.

I remember when Obama was first elected, in 2008. I was at my post, watching the kids stream in for their first class.

Their faces were shining - they were ECSTATIC that Obama had won. Their optimism was obvious, and they re-doubled their efforts in school.

Well, for a small few, that would have be 2 times zero. But, even for the worst students, they saw a vision of what life COULD be, if they made the effort.

Circumstances over the following years led to defensive support in the face of criticism, refusal to see evidence that contradicted their bias, and, eventually, disillusionment and bitterness.

And, chaos - don't forget - deliberately provoked by the extreme Leftist end of the spectrum, callously using idealistic young people to suffer the consequences. Very much like their predecessors, the New Left (follow the link to learn more about them - sometimes, I forget that younger people didn't have the advantage that people my age had, to directly see them in action, and learn about their underlying motives).


Friday, August 04, 2017

Religion Vs. Ideology

There is a fine line between the Spiritual dimension and the all-inclusive Leftist/Political/Social dimension.

Spiritual USED to refer to a relatively coherent and rational schema of philosophical thought. That was out when the Transcendentalists - a philosophy much-loved by the Hippies of the 1960s - began their insinuation into organized religions. From Wikipedia:
A core belief of transcendentalism is in the inherent goodness of people and nature. Adherents believe that society and its institutions have corrupted the purity of the individual, and they have faith that people are at their best when truly "self-reliant" and independent.
Transcendentalism emphasizes subjective intuition over objective empiricism. Adherents believe that individuals are capable of generating completely original insights with as little attention and deference to past masters as possible. 
Originally brought into America by the Unitarians, this philosophy has infiltrated many seminaries and theological college. Major figures in American Transcendentalism include the Thoreau, the Alcott family (Louisa wrote the Little Women series), and Emerson. The origins in America borrowed from European thinking (Kant and Hume, among others).

So, what is going on with those people who call themselves 'Spiritual'?

For some, their experiences with organized religion have soured them on the institutional part of it, however, they still want a connection to God. This leads them to quasi-religious practices, such as meditation (non-Hindu), use of music and/or drugs to transcend reality, or other means to create/maintain a spiritual connection without having to conform to a doctrine or the practices associated with it.

It is a reliance on the internal feelings/thoughts as evidence of a 'God Connection', but not joining with others in a communal activity. It is religion as individualism, rather than as it has traditionally been practiced - as a group.

Perhaps ironically, some of those Spiritual Individuals pursue community connections through involvement in:
  • Black Lives Matters
  • Anti-Fa activities
  • Environmental activism
  • Feminism
among other things. They enact a rigid philosophy that punishes deviance from accepted wisdom, 'shun' non-conformists, and otherwise act similarly to the most authoritarian religions.

The Spiritual-But-Not-Religious folks often end up hectoring members of an organized religion about their failings, not to improve them, but to reinforce their own sense of self-righteousness.


Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Russia, Russia, Russia

Fans of the old show The Brady Bunch will get that reference.

I found a good list of questions to ask about the "Russian Influence on the 2016 Election" story - emphasis on the word STORY.

To me, # 5 is the most critical:
5. Precisely what meddling occurred? Somebody meeting with a Russian does not constitute proof of anything. rather, this is the classic witch-hunt accusation of the McCarthyite "Red Scare" of the 1950s--guilt by association: you were seen conversing with a Communist, thus you must also be a Communist--or at a minimum, you are tainted by association and thus under a cloud of suspicion that can never be cleared because no accusation of guilt in a court of law is ever made.
Guilt by association is insidious because it can't be cleared in court. Those accused of guilt by association are not innocent until proven guilty--they are guilty until proven innocent, a proof that can never satisfy the accusers.
A precisely defined chain of verifiable actions is required to prove meddling beyond reasonable doubt. So date, all the accusations have failed to meet this most fundamental standard of evidence of wrong-doing.
If Republicans/Conservatives are still being accused of 'McCarthyism' for any pointing out that someone is verifiably Socialist/Communist, then why are the Democrats/Progressives/Liberals/Leftists using that smear tactic to associate the Trump administration with the Russians?

If McCarthyism is the Ultimate Bad Thing, why are THEY doing it?


Family - Its Strengths, and Its Limits

This academic paper on cousin marriage is fascinating. One major feature of Islamic culture, even in non-Arabic countries, is the high degree of cousin marriages.

The natural outgrowth of that familial interdependency is autocratic government, laws without teeth, and government by favor, rather than right.

That's not compatible with the American value of government by rules and laws. That framework does, it is true, sometimes leave individuals with little recourse against harmful government actions - or lack of action. However, the alternative, in which pressure groups are the only way to direct an outcome also disadvantages some.

There is no perfect government. There are no perfect people. All are flawed.

However, government by rule and law has a MAJOR advantage - it is codified and predictable, thus giving a roadmap for action.


Monday, July 31, 2017

The Cultural Heritage Effect

I was reading this, and it is FASCINATING!

I'm descended mostly from Borderers. My husband, from those influenced by Borderers, Puritans, and, possibly, Quakers.

If you've ever wondered why the different parts of the country developed such different cultures, you might want to read this.

The Atlantic is more critical of this thesis, but I do think that it does have some validity. Cultural heritage is quite durable.


Lest We Forget History

This is one of those stories that has gone down the memory hole (for those who don't have a clue as to what 'memory hole' refers, you really need to read this).

The man who is sometimes called (by Progressives) The Lion of the Senate, was in contact with the Russians to attempt to influence the 1984 election - how appropriate - by persuading the Soviets to work with American media to get their side of the nuclear story out. Kennedy's goal? To defeat Reagan in that election.

By USING Soviet resources. Against a sitting American President.

More on the story at Front Page.

On a similar note:

Chelsea Clinton wrote a children's book - She Persisted. The phrase is based on an incident in which Sen. Elizabeth Warren was speaking from the floor of the Senate, but went over her allotted time. She continued speaking, despite warnings and admonishments. Eventually, her mic was turned off.

Really? Chelsea wrote a book celebrating the fact that a female talked too much? Something many men have complained about since forever?

This takedown of one of the women featured in the book is priceless. Chelsea is superficial in her treatment of the history of this woman, which is kind of a hallmark of the Clinton Kid.


Sunday, July 30, 2017

So, If Mueller is Concerned About Collusion With the Russians...

He could start here.

BTW, I'm for accuracy in government. Not this.

If FederalGovCo were to set out to bake you a nice apple pie, it would require 200 paper-pushers to oversee the job; it would take ten years for the FDA to approve the recipe; it would end up costing about 700 dollars; and it would be so disgusting as to be inedible. If your grandma—who had baked a million of the things, all of which were perfectly delicious—tried to come into the kitchen to help out, she would be jailed for not having the proper license. If you complained about the taste, your honesty would get you a serious denunciation for “hate speech” for hurting the feelings of the eighteen transgender lunatics involved in the process as mandated by law, despite the fact that not one of them had ever baked so much as a Swanson’s chicken pot pie in their entire lives.
Enjoy what's left of the weekend.


Friday, July 28, 2017

Yeah, I Tend to Agree With This

You may have noticed fewer politically-oriented posts here over the last few months. That's because:

  • I've been really busy with my paperwork related to my retirement - Social Security, Pension, Medicaid.
  • I've been using the Scheduling Function of Blogger more often. Particularly when I'm busy, and my time online will not be predictable, it's been a blessing. Naturally, more time-sensitive posts - like most of those relating to politics - don't work well with that function.
  • I'm trying to block out time for my novel revision.
  • I'm focusing more on the novel, which is not overtly political, and the news on politics is distracting.
  • I've lost that sense of - OMZ, what fresh Hell will that Leftist come up with now? True, Trump shoots his mouth off, and his Tweets can be off-the-cuff and over-the-top, but, it's still better than what preceded it.
  • I have, finally, some confidence in the management of our nation's government, that it will generally act in reasonable ways, and in the average citizen's best interests.
  • President Trump is not afraid to use muscle back at posturing nations. He does not convey the message, "Please, just don't HURT me! I'll do anything you want, just PROMISE me that you won't hurt me!" It seems to make them both more accommodating, and more will to stop that saber-rattling. Well, except for NK - but their leader is bat-shit crazy.