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This one is just for fun - for the LoTR Fans.

I have to agree with most of this. Folks, you really have to read - or, re-read - 1984. The consequences of putting up with blatant falsehoods is spiritual death. We must re-take our American Right to speak the truth, and to hell with the consequences.

Victor Davis Hanson hits it out of the park again. I don't always agree with him - or, anyone, for that matter - but this piece, about pontificating out of you knowledge zone, is priceless.

I'm distinctly NOT a person of philosophical inclinations. In college, my constant refrain was, "Yeah, but how does that work in the real world?" I have always preferred the practical to the theoretical.

However, with the extra time afforded me by my recent retirement, I've started to learn more about philosophy, particularly that of economists. Go here for a cogent explanation of the early Marxist years, and how they have affected today's world.

This situation, with the Pakistani IT people hired by Congressional Democrats, who apparently spied on them, stole money through fraud, and engaged in MANY suspicious activities, needs to be investigated. NOT by Democrats, but by an impartial body. The fact that the Democrats are saying, "Oh, it's no big deal," is NOT a reason for ignoring it.

The Awan gang even used pressure on their OWN FATHER, on his deathbed, to try to get more money. This screams to be investigated fully, particularly who in the Democratic Party helped them to get away with the fraud.

Fraud and corruption are endemic in the 3rd World. All too often, the willingness to go along with shady activities comes to America, along with the immigrant. Think of the Mafia. It traveled to America, along with the Italian/Sicilian community. The community had existed with that connection for many generations, and continued to shelter the Mob, even after becoming part of America. It took generations before Italians were free of that taint.

Many of the countries that are exporting their people are doing so because that country is loaded with corruption, and less-connected citizens have no way to succeed. However, when they come to this country, the reliance on using connections to get ahead lingers. This makes for a large problem with their new country's ethical differences.



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