Understanding the Enemy

One thing Leftists are quite inept at is understanding how they are perceived by others. This happens, because, all too often, they don't know people outside of their echo chamber, and don't receive the corrective pushback from their opponents. Over time, their statements and positions become ever more extreme.

It's primarily the Left that has 'de-friended' those whose views they oppose. They are forced to invent stories that explain 'what conservatives are like' or 'how the other side thinks'.

I'm not one that goes into internal motivation for people's actions. I pay more attention to what they actually DID.

And, what some of the Left is DOING is appallingly anti-democratic.

Go to this link, if you want to have a cogent explanation of why non-Leftists are NOT jumping on the bandwagon to demolish Trump. The author is a well-regarded Classics professor at a prestigious university, Jonah Goldberg.

BTW, that title - Understanding the Enemy - does NOT explain how I think about Leftists.

It's how - all too often - they think of US.



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