Boomers - Ineptitude, or Treachery?

Depending on the person, it may be one or the other - or both.

Full Disclosure: I am a Boomer, born in 1951. I'm 66 years as of March this year.

In my youth, I did ape the politics of my peers. I followed every mushroom-eating, Elite-college-attending, trendy political 'activist'. I did NOT do drugs, nor did I engage in any violent acts. But, I tended to agree with those who did, and I did NOT condemn their actions.

Should I have? You be the judge.

Even in my thirties and early forties, I had a warm feeling for the 'true believers'. I was too busy to engage in anything more active than voting, but I still was starry-eyed at their commitment.

It was the Bill Clinton years that started me thinking (and, truly, I was NOT thinking before that - I was just blindly agreeing with 'everyone else'). I was appalled by the crass partisan actions of the feminist movement, that abased themselves swearing that they would 'gladly' perform fellatio on BJ, in sheer gratitude for his work to keep abortion legal. Their turn-about on 'always believing the victim' once that victim turned out to be a young intern who inconveniently implicated their original Chosen One, was duplicitous, self-serving, and anti-woman. I was NOT one of those who cheered the Senate vote.

Are the remaining True Believers still starry-eyed, or is their adherence to total belief in all that the Progressive Leadership says and does a cynical pretense? Are they just not able to see the slimy underside of the Progressive Leadership (Ineptitude), or have they chosen to ignore reality and throw in their lot with the Dark Side (Treachery)?


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