So, What is All of This 'Conspiracy' About?

Boy, oh, boy.

You know how, in conversations with old people, they often spend a LOT of time re-living the old days?

How they steer conservations to remembrances of how "it used to be done"?

So many times, they start a conversation with, "In MY day..."

We sometimes smile at the actions, letting them, once again, take center stage. Sometimes, we repress a sigh, as they highjack every get-together with their insistence on dragging the group back into the past, when they were Kings of the World.

Or, at least, King of the Mini-Hill.

We have many elderly people in Congress and the Senate. Some of them REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to re-live the Watergate Days.

When they, with the active help of the media, forced a President to resign.

When they, in their eyes - and, despite many illegal and unethical acts on THEIR part - were the Good Guys.

When they were Young and 'Brave'.

Although, curiously, not in ANY danger of death or imprisonment - save for the few who committed overt acts of terrorism. And, even those few - if they were members of the Elite Privileged Class (trademark pending) - suffered, at most, a few months in jail. Unless the evidence was overwhelming. And to fight the charges might implicate other, more privileged terrorists.

I'm talking to YOU, Bernadine Dohrn.

So, it's totally understandable that the older people who largely populate the legislative chambers of the Federal Government would want to re-live an earlier time of their lives, by staging a tableaux of Watergate II - The Revenge!

Bookworm has an excellent re-cap of the situation (perhaps, I should say, 'matter'?). It's long, but worth it for the comprehensive nature of her analysis.



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