Miscellaneous Meanderings

I am NOT focused this week - the detritus of my changing life is leaving me with MANY loose ends, which I am trying to deal with, but - usually - only tossing into a box, with a tepid promise to deal with it later (when, presumably, I will have more time and focus).

Some tidbits I've noticed:
  • This guy actually talks sensibly about education reform. Naturally, he is relatively obscure, and likely to remain so, as long as he makes sense. This is Sponsored Content, as he is hawking a book, but - well, read it, and see what you think.
  • I don't understand why, in government, so few are fired for what are clearly firing offenses. Take a look at that article, and see if you agree with me. I'd also like those who are fired to have their pension contributions returned to them, with interest, and have NO pension rights after that. If you do something wrong, you should pay a penalty. Perhaps the possibility of that might discourage the 'Deep State' from cooperating with the ousted party.
  • Re: the above - I DO understand it, but I don't like it. Too much 'Mommy loves you' and not enough 'Daddy's gonna whup yo' a$$'. The feminization of the public arena has created more problems than it solved.
  • When all of the foo-fah of the Trump-Media war starts to get to you, remember - you always have a choice.
  • Bored? Ain't no big thing. And, used properly, boredom can transform your life.
  • Are we heading to Civil War? Well, maybe. 
    • ONE of the sides is self-righteous, claiming God is on their side, impossible to talk with, as any attempt gets an hysterical, screaming response - that is, if they bother to stop chanting in an effort to shut the other side up. For that side, NO compromise is acceptable. And, BTW, they are SURE that EVERY person that opposes their complete imposition of EVERY facet of their agenda is a Racist, Evil, Irredeemable, sub-human, who should lose ALL Constitutional Rights for all time.
    • The Other side wants to talk it out and compromise. Lots of luck with that, kids.


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