Too Busy to Blog?

Actually - Yes.

I've been nearing the end of the school year - always a stressful and busy time.

But, I've also been involved in my fitness program - down 24 pounds, so far, and MUCH more capable of walking and other activities.

And - Ta-Dah! I will be retired at the end of this school year - in only another 2-1/2 weeks!

I can't wait! I'm full up with plans for the future, chief among them to FINALLY clear out my house of detritus, and organize what remains. Other plans include:

  • Writing - I have a more-than 1/2-finished book, that I will be expanding and revising. And, a non-fiction book - How to Teach Chemistry Without Blowing Up the Lab (meant for the beginner in a high school setting). Other books to follow, now that I have time.
  • Radio fun - I am currently putting my new workbench together, and will shortly move my radio magazines, books, equipment, and work-in-progress up to the new Ham Shack. When I get my HF rig (probably sometime this fall), I will have friends over to help me set up an outdoor antenna - type to be determined after consultation with my radio club's Elmers (experienced hams willing to serve as mentors for free).
  • Visiting family and friends - some of that for FUN, but also to assist family members currently experiencing health challenges.
  • Getting in better shape - walking, swimming, and other workouts to lengthen my life, and improve its quality.
  • Putting our Physics Workshops activities into high gear - if anyone knows of a teacher/school in need of professional development, have them drop me a line. We would love to get in touch to set up a workshop for them.



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