How Might the Progressives Take Back Power?

The Z-Man has some scary ideas.

Sometimes, there is a convergence between ideology and practicality. Importation of thuggish aliens to terrorize the non-compliant population might be such a case.

From the perspective of the Progressive Overlords (trademark pending), it's a Win-Win. They both burnish their compassionate credentials, and manage to use the 'undocumented Storm Troopers' to whip the unruly subjects into line with their agenda.



Sheesh. This Z clown, who's too much the coward even to go by his right name, says things I've been saying for years (and I've been saying them much more eloquently) and suddenly he's some sort of Internet guru. Along the way he slathers contempt on people who see things in a way he doesn't understand. Just goes to show you what a snotty attitude and an uncommon moniker will get you.

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