Memorial Day

If you only make ONE change this weekend, stop the use of the term "Happy Memorial Day".

It is NOT a happy celebration. It is a day to remember the many servicemen/women who are no longer with us. For those who served, remembrance carries the sting of friends lost, lives cut short, and even - for many - a feeling of guilt that they lived, while others died (remember the ending of Private Ryan).

Do at least ONE thing this weekend to remember the Military Dead.

  • Go to a parade. See the representatives of those who are no longer living. Pay your respects.
  • Go to a cemetery. Spend a few minutes looking at the graves with the flags on them. Say a prayer for them.
  • Visit a vet. Let them tell you about their service, if they would want to.
  • Donate to a veterans' organization. Good ones can be found in this list (if you know a good organization that is not listed, send me the name, and I'll add them). On this list is the DAV (Disabled American Vets), which was particularly helpful when my son-in-law was navigating the VA system.
  • Bring a treat to a VA hospital, and spend some time listening to the men/women there. Pizza or chicken wings are always appreciated.
WARNING: One of the charities on that list above is the Wounded Warrior Project. It's had some controversy about wasteful spending that could have gone to veterans, but was used for administrative expenses. You might want to check with this Charity Financial Oversight site before donating or volunteering.



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