A Late Sunday Roundup

It's been a hectic week - preparing to retire, and leave a place where I've sunk in roots is exhausting, both mentally and physically.

Not to mention organizationally. I was finally reduced to throwing possessions into boxes, willy-nilly, and dropping them off at the storage locker to be sorted out later.

Just a few things to pick up on Tuesday, along with completing paperwork, and then - I'm officially retired.

I am breathless with the thought of that (well, that and my asthma has kicked up - probably related to all the dust and stuff I've been stirring up).

To begin with - Francis Porretto with a post on manliness.

A thought-provoking - if arguable - essay on Whiteness. For those who think this complete 'bollocks' - as the English say - keep in mind that this IS how the average White person thinks. Doesn't matter whether or not they are justified in their thinking. It's put here solely to give insight into WHY they feel put-upon.

Keep in mind that these working-class Americans did NOT, generally, benefit from their White skin. They attended the same schools as Black kids. They didn't get a leg up because of who they were related to, as they were generally NOT connected to powerful people.

As opposed to the common belief that White people stuck together in solidarity, White working-class members were - and are - often DESPISED by the Whites in power positions. They hate them worse than they do minorities.

REALLY good video - deserving of being shared widely on social media. Key words: "Oh, no, wait, wait..."

Link courtesy of Free North Carolina.

Originally planned to update this, will hold other links until next Sunday.



(chuckle) Linda, you might want to check that first link.
Linda Fox said…
Fixed - Thank you for the correction.

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