The Handmaid's Tale

Far from being a disturbingly prophetic glimpse into America's future, should Trump and his ilk not get ousted, The Handmaid's Tale is a tired, dated, and slanted view of non-Democratic Party goals.

Take one aspect of the story: Offred is forced to participate in a bizarrely-described ritual to compensate for the infertility of the ruling class wives.

Well, that DOES happen today - we call it 'surrogate pregnancy'. Can't even call it 'surrogate mothering' anymore - the Progressives that favor that practice have divorced the conception part - egg meets sperm in a petri dish - from the gestation part - the fertilized egg is deliberately NOT placed into the woman who donated it, but into another woman's womb.


Because by splitting up those parts of a pregnancy, the woman who carries the child for 9 months has no genetic connection to that child, and, hence, absolutely NO messy parenthood rights.

The new 'parents' can take the kid, make their cash payment, and walk away without a thought for that woman. Who - BTW - will be feeling the natural post-partum emotional letdown and physical repair, without a child to ease the process.

It's what Elites do with those 'deplorables'. They use them, and walk away.

The actual genetic mother to that child, after selling that egg (in the process of providing eggs, she will have exposed herself to chemicals that often have devastating after-effects), will not have developed a relationship, and will, therefore, be considerably less likely to assert parental rights.

Who are those people who are most often using these surrogacy services?

Elites. Not MAGA-cap wearers. Not Bible-believing Christians - Elites are far more likely to be lukewarm 'spiritual' practitioners, or secularists. Those with the money for that process are MORE likely to ally with Progressive views.

The Handmaid's Tale is recycled Progressive lunacy (it was written while Reagan was president). I read it at that time - it was a mediocre story, even then.

Those who think this is a timely allegory for our society are engaging in Group-Think.

Group-Think is a major problem in societies. This book, and the show made from it, are attempting to inflame emotions and enforce conformity of thought.

For a look at a time period when a society tried to encourage its young people to use force to get all citizens to conform, look to the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

BTW - did you know that an early meeting of the Red Guards with Mao Ze Dong was in Tianenman Square, August 18 1966?

I am becoming passionately interested in the Cultural Revolution and the Red Guards. I will be scheduling a future post on that topic.



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