Shades of Watergate! The Hits Keep Coming!

What I find so bizarre about the Obama Spying on Trump story is that each time the Media and the Progressives (but, I repeat myself) manage to twist the truth to convince their people that the story is OVER, another facet of it pops up.

And, then, The Donald tweets about it.

Leading to another frenzied rush to pretend that this is just business as usual, nothing to see.

For those not satiated with the news coverage, here is a link to a roundup of posts/articles about it.

...and coming, and coming, and...

...and coming - in case you've forgotten some of the abusive actions, here they are.

But, but, but...

Obama had a Scandal-Free Administration!

No, he did not. He had a Journalist-Ignoring-Scandals Administration.

Just like the Old Watergate Days, when Entitled Elites (trademark pending) were appalled - not at the abuses of power, but that non-elites would Question their decisions - Who Did Those Peasants Think They WERE!



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