Abuse of Power

The Spying on US Citizens is looking more and more like Business as Usual, and less like a one-time thing for Obama's administration.

There are many ways to deal with this besides prosecuting it as a crime. There is administrative - investigate, and if there is a finding that Rice abused her powers, yank her pension, right to use her former position as a reference, and allow those persons injured to sue and collect damages from her.

Put her under subpoena, and order her to testify - under oath - who knew about this abuse, besides her.

How can we determine whether this was an abuse?
...how do we know whether unmasking is a massive abuse of power or a perfectly appropriate exercise of discretion? We apply common sense.
Was the questionable unmasking a single, isolated instance, or was it part of a pattern?
Obama's time in office was FULL of patterns of behavior, almost all unacceptable in a republic of citizens.

There is much evidence of a pattern:

And, yes, I do believe that it's time for use to start asking:
What did he know, and when did he know it?
On a POSITIVE note, Dr. Ben Carson's appointment to Head of HUD seems to have been a GOOD thing - at least for the taxpayers. $500 BILLION in errors - some of them unauditable (That's accountant-speak for - the people spending the money, or committing us to spending the money - have little to no paper trail. That means that they spent money that wasn't theirs without receipts/contracts/proof that the recipient did what they said they would do for the money)



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