Funny How that "Cultural Appropriation" Thing Only Goes One Way

I gotta state this right up front:

I don't have a dog in this hunt.

In other words, no longer being a kid, or even a pre-teen, I don't dress up for Halloween. Or concerts. Or Burning Man (I've never attended).

I dress like a grown-up. Clothes that cover my private parts, clean and without holes (at least, intentional ones).

If I'm dressed down, I'm doing physical labor.

If I'm dressed up, it's because the occasion demands it, or because I'm on a date with my man, who just about ALWAYS looks good.

My hair is styled to keep it the heck out of my way, and not require on-the-go primping. It seldom takes more than 1/2 hour to 45 minutes to get my hair clean, dry, and complete.

My make-up is mascara, eyebrow pencil, and lipstick - occasionally more, but more often not. No Bindis, which is that dot worn by Indian women (NOT Native Americans, unless, like Nikki Haley, they are).

I don't generally do hats or head-coverings (they smoosh my hair down), so, no, I don't wear Indian headdresses - that's feather, not dot, Indians.

Don't give me crap about my use of the term Indian. I figure, as a direct descendant of one who was taken by force from his family by Indians, who also killed his mother and infant sister, as well as his brother's fiancee, and sold his sisters to others, to use them as they might - I'm entitled to refer to them any damn way I want.

Cultural Appropriation is a Bull$hit term.

If we carefully didn't style ourselves in those ways, they would say that we were hostile - else why would we NOT use those other ways to show beauty.

If we do show our appreciation of non-Caucasian beauty trends, we are belittled, even threatened for that.

As the British say, Bollocks to that.



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