How I USED to Be

I started reading this, because Francis Porretto of Bastion of Liberty told me to (and, I have a long acquaintance with him - he has earned my trust).

I got about 1/2 way down the post, and felt like I was reading my story.
I’m going to be very real with you for a moment, and take off my hat has a blogger, an author, and whatever else I may be, and just speak to you as a man.
This could have been me.
Does that surprise you? There was a time I skirted so close to falling under this spell, it would shock you. I felt the guilt, the social pressure, the desire for conformity. Despite the terrible weight such ideology carries on the mind, it is absurdly easy to fall into it. Every day we are assaulted by the agitprop. It is so easy to just say “yes, it’s all my fault, I will submit and obey.”
It will bring momentary relief, because you will no longer have to fight a narrative that is bombarded upon you 24 hours a day. That mental effort is, itself, rather exhausting on the mind. But if you accept the chains, that is a far greater weight, one that will destroy you. The chains are seductive. They call, because of the enormous weight of social power behind them.
I'm not writing what I do, and posting the links because I am a hateful, bitter old woman, eager to start a fight.

I've deleted a LOT of replies when I realized that, even though I was responding to something I actually knew something about - and, the person who had posted that misinformation/propaganda was factually wrong - if I did hit Reply, it might damage that relationship beyond repair.

Folks, it's easy to go along with the crowd. The Progressive crowd is the one that has all the media on its side. The "cool kids" are all Progressives. Heck, most of my family is Progressive - there were only a few of us that resisted the pressure to vote for Hill.

Why did we do it?

  • Were we driven by hate, fear, and a deep-seated desire to impose the theocracy on all others? No, can't say that.
  • Had we been brain-washed by listening to Rush? No, I only caught about 2 minutes of his show, once, before DH turned it off. Hadn't realized what it was at the time, was just looking for something to keep me alert on a drive.
  • Are we just not understanding the issues? I like to think that I have decent analytic skills, and have gotten my information from a variety of sources - from Leftist and all the way to the Right.
  • Do we just not understand the Constitution? I had Constitutional Law in college, and am quite familiar with it's words.
  • Do we just not CARE about the SUFFERING of others? Well, they may have me there - I do care about serious suffering - death, famine, and the like. I just don't think that failing to use the preferred pronouns, or refusing to coddle a grown person by giving them MY money rises to the level of 'cruel and unusual punishment'.
Depressing? Eh, just roll with it. Or not - is it worth breaking up a friendship?

Here's some random links I found that you'll like:



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