The Alternative to Civil War

My ancestors fought in the last one. I'm not eager to join that club.

Some say we are already there. I'm more hopeful; I think, with some rational thinking, and some willingness to back away from the precipice, we can avoid it.

What has caused this level of separation?

  • Too many have absorbed the idea that there are two ways of looking at situations - MY way, and the Wrong way. For that matter, it's not just the Wrong Way, it's considered the EVIL, H8FUL, and needs to be completely eliminated way.
  • Some people are incapable of communicating without SHOUTING, or the digital equivalent of ALL CAPS!!!!!!!! and LOTS of !!!!!!!!!!!
  • FEELINGS trump (sorry, Progressives) logic. If I have a logical argument supporting my point, the very least I expect is that any disagreement will be met with a counter-argument. Not tears, flailing of arms, shouting, and chanting slogans. The winner should be one that can demonstrate through logic that their viewpoint is correct, not the one that holds their breath until they turn blue.
  • Your ethnic history, color, religion (or lack of it), language, etc., are not props to your argument. Nor, a closing point. They are just moderately interesting things about you. Now, if your PERSONAL history contains a PERSONAL experience that adds to (not replaces) your argument, well, feel free to include it. But, don't substitute any of the preceding for logic.
  • You are free to think of 'your tribe' as a particular ethnic/color/religious group. However, in THIS country, the common tribe is American. It's a different kind of tribe - anyone can join, provided they agree to abide by the principles of the Constitution.
  • Some accept the results of elections (although they might grumble about obvious and blatant voter fraud). However, they do accept the outcome, as well as the office-holders. Others violently resist any suggestion that the current president was elected legitimately, scurry around to try to institute impeachment (even before the new guy takes office), and declares a Fort Sumpter moment. Both secession and refusal to recognize Federal authority were a prime feature of the 1st Civil War, and seem to be at issue here.
  • The two major sides seem to have irreconcilable differences. The positions are solidifying, and neither seems to see an advantage to compromise. So, while I would prefer to avoid open warfare, to judge by the Antifa forces' actions in the recent riots, that may not be possible. The recent 'pushback' by people tired of taking abuse, both verbal and physical, is more likely to happen again.



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