Back Home Again

It was a frantic and VERY long journey, from SC to OH for a birthday party (and, to touch base with all the family), then back again. We drove until our eyes were gritty, then scouted for a cheap motel to lay down for a few hours.

Then, onward to the destination.

Then, back again in reverse.

We arrived this morning in Charlotte. I picked up my car, then headed over to Miracle-Ear for a cleaning and fix of my hearing aids. What a thrill it is to hear clearly again!

Home to pick up mail (thankfully, due to the holiday, not that much), unload the car, and eat. Last night's motel ($38/night) did NOT provide breakfast. I grabbed a stick of string cheese and hit the road. By the time I landed at home, I was STARVING!

Made a quick scrambled egg with prosciutto and onions, strawberries on the side, and coffee.

As Rachel Ray says, Delish!

And, only 5 points on WW.

I've spent the last 1/2 hour catching up on mail, etc.

While traveling, I turned on the Sirius stations. My Proudly Progressive husband had done the pre-sets, so my only choice was:

  • 50's music
  • 60's (mostly Motown) music
  • acid rock of the 70's
  • CNN
I picked the last one, and for one of the longest hours of my entire life - I specifically include waiting time in the DMV and childbirth - I listened to Rachel Maddow cackle her 60-minute Hate Trump tirade. All Hate Trump, no other news in the world, apparently.

It should have been infuriating, but it was sad. Here was someone with a microphone, and the opportunity to educate listeners about anything she chose.

She chose to spew at Trump. A lot like those ex-wives who corner strangers and proceed to give them ALL the details of how they were screwed over by their exes. On and on and on.



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