Check Out This Good Advice

Here is one of the most lucid about trusting the new people populating the region around Trump.

How much to trust them?

Really, not at all.

Several possible solutions come to mind:

  • For the openly insubordinate, fire them for cause.
  • For those whose actions do not rise to that level of offense, hedge in their worst actions with official rebukes/warnings. Reduce that section's personnel, as any department that has so many people that they can waste time plotting against their boss needs to experience some trimming of the fat.
  • For those who you want to fire for cause, but not fire-able, transfer them to remote outposts, with PLENTY of busywork - and deadlines - to keep them occupied. Do not let them have subordinates to re-build their empire. Do not let them have ANY public opportunity to speak officially.
Ask for recommendations for staff cutbacks. Don't take their advice.



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