Post-Election - The Storm Before the Calm?

Last week, the Democratic Party was calling for Trump's supporters to accept the results peacefully.

This week, we have "protesters" in the streets, disrupting traffic and spray-painting their "Everyone besides me is a Nazi" KKK slogans on innocent buildings.

What happened to peaceful transfer of power?

The wrong side won.

Look, I do understand being disappointed about the outcome of an election. I was sick at heart when Reagan won.

BUT, unless you plan to live in a "100% of the votes for our benevolent overlord" kind of society, you have to accept that, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

The better lesson to take from this is:

Don't give so much power to change lives to one level of government. Leave most of that power at a local level, where your influence on those elected officials is stronger.

For what it's worth, I doubt that DT will start dropping the bombs any time soon. I expect that a guy who spent most of his life in negociations, trying to get his way, would prefer to do the same in the White House. I do believe that, if he CAN persuade others to see things his way, that isn't exactly the behavior of a dictator.

Things that WILL probably change:

  • Composition of the Supreme Court - he's likely to avoid those ideological candidates, and choose a Justice who hews to the Constitution. Not optimal from the Progressive view, but not imposition of tyranny.
  • Federal government's size - I would HOPE it decreases, in the non-essential areas. Government wasn't intended to be Big Daddy. A better solution to people not having enough money is for the government to take less of it from them. That includes cigarette taxes, alcohol taxes, gasoline taxes, and taxes on communications devices - all of which the poor pay a larger percentage of.
  • A repeal of the executive actions that were an overreach. That includes forcing schools to allow men into the ladies rooms and locker rooms. The states are free to make that decision themselves, but it should NOT be imposed from on high.
If DT does just that, I'm OK with it. I would hope he emulates Calvin Coolidge, and says little, and does less.



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