I'm Taking a Fay-Cation

Right now, the level of venom and vitiorol interactions on Facebook, and other social media, has risen to a level that I don't choose to be a part of.  I don't personally blame any individual.  I just think any participation in that conversation, however well meaning, and how much that individual is trying to gently get their extreme level of concern transmitted to their friends, is doomed to failure.

Therefore, I am taking a Fay-Cation from social media.  Time out is undecided, for now.

If you want to contact me, send a message to either my personal email (close friends and family will know the yahoo address), or to rightasusual2003 - it's a gmail account.  I'll answer when I can.

I'm fine with you sending me personal pictures of your family and friends.  Don't bother to send politically/socially conscious/fall of the Republic-related/invective about Trump-Clinton-Nazis-Homophobia-etc. stuff - it will go straight into the trash.  Continued abuse will result in putting your address into the Spam folder, until I feel up to dealing with you again.

I am, of course, fine with you sending me text messages, as well.  Same rules as above apply.

I do realize that you are passionate about your concerns.  It's clear that you feel America is on the edge of some Apocalyptic Precipice.  I do get that, I really do.

I just want some respite from the noise.  I'm choosing to detach, with love.

Please respect that.

BTW - this doesn't mean that I won't be posting here occasionally.  I'm just not going to bother responding to comments.



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