Running the Numbers - Why the Electoral College is Important

The reason D's hate the electoral college is that it makes it very difficult, if not impossible to cheat. They can win in the cities, where the determined efforts of a very few can stuff ballot boxes, rig machines, and otherwise  twist the will of the people to reflect what they want it to be.
But, it's very hard to do that in less dense regions. Too many people would have to be involved. So the vote in the rest of the country is relatively fair.
Why is restricting immigration so important? Because the current plan is to offload those aliens - soon to be voters - onto the heartland, by sheer numbers overwhelming the natives. And, of course, predictably voting as grateful Democrats.

UPDATE: Voter Fraud has been verified - perhaps as many as THREE MILLION votes. True the Vote and other players are contemplating a lawsuit.

On a different note, the Cry-Bullies are on parade. A Cry-Bully is one that aggressively displays his/her/zher HURT - they FEEL so bad about Trump's election, that they insist that you DO SOMETHING about it. Sarah Hoyt has a post about this very issue, and how we should deal with it.


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