Hillary is the Modern Lady Macbeth

As the "Ladies" are no longer content to push their husbands into crime to reach an exalted status, she was not ambitious for a spouse, but for herself.

Hillary has no one to blame but herself.  She surrounded herself with synchophants - those eager to be a part of the inner circle, and willing to damn their souls to Hell for that privilege.  She created fear in those opposing her - by her ranting, her foul-mouthed rages, and her willingness to push others to lie, cheat, and steal.

So, no, I can't feel sorry for her.  If she is indicted, she may well become an Historic First - the First Female Felon to have lived in the White House.  I am, however, compassionate enough to grudgingly allow her to serve time under house arrest, rather than the Big House (which, in fact, she deserves).  However, ALL of her and her family's ill-gotten gains should be forfeited to paying down the National Debt.

I pity the poor Secret Service agents that have to follow her into her exile - she is unlikely to reverse a lifelong habit of blaming others and spewing profane, vulgar invectives.



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