Woo-EEE! People are HOT About HRC

Hot, as in - want her to go to JAIL!

Read this scorcher.

Yeah, this is strange - when the Democratic Party/Clinton Machine doesn't spew the October Surprise.  I'm of the opinion that Comey has a SCORCHER of an email, a true smoking gun, that he wanted to get out, lest it burn him and his career.  Nothing less would justify a career bureaucrat taking the risk of openly opposing the Justice Dept.

Better stay away from isolated places, Comey.  And, get a food taster, as well.

The laptops LIVE!

Too many exclamation points?  Yeah, but the last couple of weeks certainly justify it.

I never thought Huma was all that smart.  It appears that I was right, as she didn't even have the intelligence to either delete/bleach the laptop, or have it "mysteriously" disappear.



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