Why Brezel's Citing HRC Will NOT Hold Up

Major Jason Brezel self-reported that he had sent a message containing sensitive information from his own laptop.  So far, not unlike HRC, right?  And, if it were a single incident, he might have some wiggle room.

That message, alone, would not necessarily have gotten him into major trouble.  But, when the investigators checked out his laptop, they found more:
Brezler was not charged criminally in his case. A board of inquiry recommended his removal from the service in December 2013 after it found that Brezler knowingly kept more than 100 classified documents on his personal hard drive and thumb drive so he could write a book about his experiences in Afghanistan.
That bolded part is what got him in serious trouble.  Guys, no matter how important you think you are, and how scrupulous you think you are, sooner or later, information kept on movable platforms (laptops and removable drives) WILL disappear.

Yes, I know that Clinton did at least as much as he did.  However, any hope he had of leniency vanished when they found those other documents, which took it from a one-time careless lapse to an on-going problem.

Furthermore, professional soldiers - which is what officers are considered - ARE held to a higher standard than civilians.  Major Brezler is a shining example of the whiny, entitled, excuse-making WhyMe? Generation that will not accept the consequences of their actions, and try to escape punishment by pointing and saying, "But, she got to do it!  That's not FAIR!"

He has since joined the NYFD, where his skills will likely be appreciated.  However, he is NOT up to the standards of the military, at least as far as professionalism and attention to orders.

Portrait of a WhyMe? Whiner.



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