A HUGE Step Backward for Women

The original idea of the Women's Movement was that women were not being allowed full participation in various aspects of life.  That laws needed to be changed, that society needed to accept, as a norm, that women would not be limited by their sex (yes, SEX! NOT gender - that was a later, and widely disputed, change that was thrust upon the founders of the movement).

Women would no longer get special treatment, either, because of their gender.  No more would women be able to go into court, bat their eyes, and get acquittal or a reduced sentence because of their sex.

That ideal was stabbed through the heart when Comey tortured the law to keep from having to recommend prosecution against HRC.

Criminal laws do not have gender.  A homicide is murder, whether the perpetrator is male or female.  All humans must be held to the same standard.

That went out the window with this decision.  It's now "the law applies to all, except if you're a woman who REALLY, REALLY wants to be president, and who is just a woman, who can't be expected to understand all of those complicated technical regulations".  In that case, why, don't you worry, Little Lady, we are gonna protect you from the consequences of your own actions.



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